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Columbus Chemical Industries is proud to offer a variety of different products to meet all of your chemical needs. We specialize in a variety of acids including Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Malonic Acid & Acetic Acid along with many others.

Please see the listing below, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, we are happy to assist in sourcing the material. Many of the chemicals listed below are offered in various grades or dilutions, so if you have specific requirements, please let us know and our technical team will be sure to find the exact grade, formulation or solution to fit your application!

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Acetic Acid - Glacial FCC006500 SDS
Acetic Acid - Glacial Technical008000 SDS
Acetic Acid - Glacial USP008500 SDS
Acetic Acid Glacial - ACS005900 SDS
Acetic Anhydride ACS009000 SDS
Acetone ACS010500 SDS
Acetone CP011500 SDS
Acetone HPLC/Spectro010600 SDS
Acetone NF (20 L Can Metal)013500 SDS
Acid Detergent Fiber ADF - Concentrate804400 SDS
Adams-Evans Lime Buffer807400 SDS
Aluminum Chloride - Hexahydrate Crystal Reagent022700 SDS
Ammonium Acetate Crystal - ACS038500 SDS
Ammonium Bifluoride Flake Technical041000 SDS
Ammonium Chloride Granular - ACS044500 SDS
Ammonium Chloride Technical045500 SDS
Ammonium Chloride/Hydroxide Buffer - A.P.H.A.810700 SDS
Ammonium Fluoride Crystal - ACS048000 SDS
Ammonium Hydroxide - 20% (W/W as NH3) - Reagent814400 SDS
Ammonium Hydroxide - 27% Technical050000 SDS
Ammonium Hydroxide ACS Reagent048500 SDS
Ammonium Nitrate Granular - ACS051500 SDS
Ammonium Nitrate Untreated Purified052000 SDS
Ammonium Persulfate Crystal - ACS053500 SDS


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Barium Hydroxide - Octahydrate ACS070000 SDS
Barium Hydroxide Crystal Technical070500 SDS
Benzoic Acid Crystal - ACS080500 SDS
Benzoic Acid Crystal USP082500 SDS
Boric Acid Granular - ACS087000 SDS
Boric Acid Granular Technical088000 SDS
Boric Acid Powder NF087500 SDS
Bray P-1 Concentrate826000 SDS
Buffer - pH 1.00831700 SDS
Buffer - pH 10.00832000 SDS
Buffer - pH 10.00 with color code blue832300 SDS
Buffer - pH 11.00832600 SDS
Buffer - pH 2.00833500 SDS
Buffer - pH 3.00834700 SDS
Buffer - pH 4.01835600 SDS
Buffer - pH 4.01 with color code red835900 SDS
Buffer - pH 5.00836500 SDS
Buffer - pH 6.00 (Phosphate)837100 SDS
Buffer - pH 7.00838000 SDS
Buffer - pH 7.00 with color code yellow838600 SDS
Buffer - pH 8.00839500 SDS
Buffer - pH 9.00839800 SDS
Butyl Alcohol (tert-) Reagent094000 SDS
Butyl Alcohol - (n-) (1-Butanol) - ACS092500 SDS
Butyl Alcohol - (sec-) - 98% Min (2-Butanol) Purified093500 SDS


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Calcium Carbonate Powder - ACS103500 SDS
Calcium Chloride - Anhydrous 20 Mesh FCC109500 SDS
Calcium Chloride - Anhydrous 4-8 Mesh Purified108500 SDS
Calcium Chloride - Dihydrate ACS110500 SDS
Celite 545 Diatomaceous Earth129500 SDS
Ceric Ammonium Nitrate Crystal - ACS130000 SDS
Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide CTAB132000 SDS
Charcoal Activated - 4-12 Mesh134500 SDS
Charcoal Animal Powder - (Bone Black)135000 SDS
Charcoal Wood - Powder - 100 Mesh137500 SDS
Chloroform HPLC140200 SDS
Chromium Trioxide Flake - ACS147500 SDS
Chromium Trioxide Flake Technical148500 SDS
Citric Acid - Anhydrous Granular - ACS149000 SDS
Citric Acid - Anhydrous Granular USP150000 SDS
Citric Acid - Anhydrous Powder FCC149500 SDS
Citric Acid - Monohydrate Crystal - ACS150500 SDS
Citric Acid - Monohydrate Granular USP151000 SDS
Cupric Nitrate - Hemi-5-hydrate Crystal - Technical169000 SDS
Cupric Nitrate Hemipentahydrate - Crystal - ACS168000 SDS
Cupric Sulfate - Anhydrous Powder Reagent171000 SDS
Cupric Sulfate - Pentahydrate Crystal Technical172500 SDS
Cupric Sulfate - Pentahydrate Fine Crystal - ACS170500 SDS
Cyclohexane HPLC175300 SDS


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Dichloroethane - (1 -2-) ACS184000 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
EDTA - Disodium Salt - Dihydrate ACS200500 SDS
EDTA 0.1M857500 SDS
EDTA Free Acid - ACS200000 SDS
EDTA Titrant (1ml=1mg=0.01M)858100 SDS
Ether - Anhydrous Absolute - ACS203500 SDS
Ether ACS203000 SDS
Ethyl Alcohol - 80% (v/v)860200 SDS
Ethyl Alcohol - 95% - 190 Proof CD212500 SDS
Ethyl Alcohol Denatured213000 SDS
Ethylene Glycol - 99% Reagent216500 SDS


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Fehling's - Part A861400 SDS
Ferric Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate - ACS218500 SDS
Ferric Chloride - Anhydrous Technical219500 SDS
Ferric Chloride - Hexahydrate ACS219000 SDS
Ferric Chloride - Hexahydrate Lumps Purified220000 SDS
Ferric Nitrate - Nonahydrate ACS222000 SDS
Ferrous Sulfate - Heptahydrate Crystal - ACS226000 SDS
Ferrous Sulfate - Heptahydrate Granular USP228500 SDS
Fibersol -T Neutral-Detergent Fiber w/ TEG866800 SDS
Fluoroboric Acid - 48-50% Purified231000 SDS
Folin & Ciocalteu Phenol Reagent - 2N867500 SDS
Formic Acid - 88% ACS235500 SDS


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Glycerin - Anhydrous (Glycerol) ACS243500 SDS
Glycerin USP244500 SDS


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HCL 36%-40% Reagent257300 SDS
Heptane - (n-) - 99% HPLC/Spectro249900 SDS
Heptane - (n-) Reagent249500 SDS
Hexanes ACS253500 SDS
Hydrobromic Acid - 48% ACS256500 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid - 0.010N874000 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid - 0.20N875800 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid - 0.500N877000 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid - 1.00N877600 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid - 37% FCC259000 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid - 6.0N881200 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid 0.100N875200 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid 0.100N in Isopropyl Alcohol874100 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid 0.500N (0.2 micron filtered)877100 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid 1.0N Reagent877500 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid 20° Be' Technical261500 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid 22° Be' PC261000 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid ACS257500 SDS
Hydrochloric Acid NF262500 SDS
Hydrofluoric Acid - 48% ACS263000 SDS
Hydrofluoric Acid - 52% (w/w) Technical263500 SDS
Hydrofluoric Acid - 70% Technical264000 SDS
Hydrogen Peroxide - 3% (w/w) Reagent265000 SDS
Hydrogen Peroxide - 30% ACS - Stabilized266500 SDS
Hydrogen Peroxide - 30% SEMI - Stabilized266400 SDS
Hydrogen Peroxide - 35% FCC268000 SDS
Hydrogen Peroxide - 35% Technical268500 SDS
Hydrogen Peroxide - 50% Technical270000 SDS
Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride Crystal - ACS272500 SDS


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Indicator Phenolphthalein882700 SDS
Iodine - 0.10N885100 SDS
Iodine - 1.000N885400 SDS
Iodine - Resublimed USP277500 SDS
Iodine GR ACS - Crystals275500 SDS
Isopropyl Alcohol - 70%287500 SDS
Isopropyl Alcohol - 99% Purified284500 SDS
Isopropyl Alcohol ACS285000 SDS
Isopropyl Alcohol HPLC/Spectro285300 SDS
Isopropyl Alcohol SEMI285500 SDS
Isopropyl Alcohol USP287000 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
L-Tartaric Acid Crystal - ACS574000 SDS
Lactic Acid - 85% ACS290500 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
Magnesium Acetate Tetrahydrate - ACS316000 SDS
Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate - Crystal - ACS317500 SDS
Magnesium Oxide Light - Powder USP327500 SDS
Magnesium Sulfate - Anhydrous Powder Reagent328500 SDS
Magnesium Sulfate Crystal - (Epsom Salts) USP330000 SDS
Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate - Crystal - ACS329000 SDS
Manganese Chloride Crystal - ACS331500 SDS
Manganese Dioxide Fine Granular Reagent333000 SDS
Manganese Dioxide Powder Technical334000 SDS
Manganese Sulfate - Monohydrate ACS336000 SDS
Manganese Sulfate - Monohydrate Powder USP/FCC336300 SDS
Mercuric Chloride Granular - ACS338500 SDS
Methanol 70% Blend926100 SDS
Methanol/Hydrosulfuric Acid Mixed898100 SDS
Methyl (N-) Pyrrolidone CP566100 SDS
Methyl Alcohol - Anhydrous ACS347500 SDS
Methyl Alcohol Histological Purified350000 SDS
Methyl Alcohol HPLC350700 SDS
Methyl Red Sodium Salt - ACS356500 SDS
Methylene Blue Chloride - 1% Aqueous903400 SDS
Methylene Blue Chloride - Certifiable Stain903100 SDS
Methylene Chloride ACS359500 SDS
Methylene Chloride HPLC359700 SDS
Methylene Chloride Technical360500 SDS
Mineral Oil Light - #5 NF363000 SDS


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Nickel Chloride - Hexahydrate Crystal Reagent372000 SDS
Nickel Sulfate - Hexahydrate Crystal - ACS373500 SDS
Nitric Acid - 1.00N910300 SDS
Nitric Acid - 10% (w/w)910600 SDS
Nitric Acid - 4% (v/v)910500 SDS
Nitric Acid - 70% SEMI376000 SDS
Nitric Acid ACS375000 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
Oxalic Acid - Dihydrate Crystal - ACS384000 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
Perchloric Acid - 0.100N918100 SDS
Perchloric Acid - 70% ACS393000 SDS
Petroleum Ether 35-60°C - ACS394500 SDS
Phenolphthalein - 1% - in 95% Methanol921400 SDS
Phenolphthalein - 1% in 95% Ethanol920800 SDS
Phenolphthalein 0.5% in 50% Ethyl Alcohol920500 SDS
Phenolphthalein ACS400500 SDS
Phosphoric Acid - 85% (w/w) Food Grade404200 SDS
Phosphoric Acid - 85% ACS403500 SDS
Phosphoric Acid - 85% NF404000 SDS
Phosphotungstic Acid Crystal Reagent408500 SDS
Polyethylene Glycol - 400 NF410500 SDS
Potassium Acetate Crystal - ACS413500 SDS
Potassium Acid Phthalate Crystal - Primary Standard - ACS414500 SDS
Potassium Bicarbonate Crystal - ACS415500 SDS
Potassium Bicarbonate Crystal USP416000 SDS
Potassium Bromide Crystal Purified/Photo419500 SDS
Potassium Carbonate - Anhydrous Granular - ACS420500 SDS
Potassium Chlorate Crystal - ACS422500 SDS
Potassium Chlorate Powder Purified423000 SDS
Potassium Chloride Crystal - ACS424000 SDS
Potassium Chloride Crystal USP424500 SDS
Potassium Chloride Saturated - Aqueous928900 SDS
Potassium Chromate - 5% (w/w)929800 SDS
Potassium Chromate Crystal - ACS425500 SDS
Potassium Dichromate Crystal - ACS428000 SDS
Potassium Dichromate Granular Technical428500 SDS
Potassium Ferricyanide Crystal - ACS429500 SDS
Potassium Ferricyanide Crystal Photograde429000 SDS
Potassium Ferrocyanide Trihydrate - ACS430000 SDS
Potassium Fluoride - 40% (w/w)930900 SDS
Potassium Fluoride - Dihydrate Crystal Reagent431500 SDS
Potassium Fluoride Anhydrous - ACS Reagent431000 SDS
Potassium Hydroxide - 0.100N931300 SDS
Potassium Hydroxide - 0.5N932200 SDS
Potassium Hydroxide - 45% High Purity Reagent Plus935100 SDS
Potassium Hydroxide 1.00N932800 SDS
Potassium Hydroxide Flake Technical434000 SDS
Potassium Hydroxide Pellet - ACS432500 SDS
Potassium Hydroxide Pellet NF435000 SDS
Potassium Iodate - 0.10N937000 SDS
Potassium Iodate Powder - ACS436000 SDS
Potassium Iodide Crystal - ACS437000 SDS
Potassium Iodide Granular USP437500 SDS
Potassium Nitrate Crystal - ACS439000 SDS
Potassium Nitrate Powder Technical440000 SDS
Potassium Nitrite Crystal - ACS440500 SDS
Potassium Permanganate - 0.010N938500 SDS
Potassium Permanganate - 0.100N938800 SDS
Potassium Permanganate 0.042N939800 SDS
Potassium Permanganate Crystal - ACS442500 SDS
Potassium Phosphate - Dibasic Anhydrous - Powder - ACS446500 SDS
Potassium Phosphate - Monobasic Anhydrous FCC448000 SDS
Potassium Phosphate - Monobasic Crystal - ACS447500 SDS
Potassium Phosphate - Tribasic Reagent449000 SDS
Potassium Sodium Tartrate Crystal USP451000 SDS
Potassium Sodium Tartrate Tetrahydrate - ACS450000 SDS
Potassium Sulfate Granular - ACS452000 SDS
Potassium Thiocyanate Crystal - ACS454000 SDS
Propylene Glycol USP457000 SDS
Pyridine ACS458000 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
Reagent Alcohol Absolute461500 SDS
Reagent Alcohol Absolute - ACS Plus461600 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
Silver Nitrate - 0.0141N946600 SDS
Silver Nitrate - 0.0171N946900 SDS
Silver Nitrate - 0.025N947500 SDS
Silver Nitrate - 0.050N948100 SDS
Silver Nitrate - 0.100N948400 SDS
Silver Nitrate - 10% (w/v)950200 SDS
Silver Nitrate Crystal - ACS473000 SDS
Sodium Acetate - Anhydrous ACS478500 SDS
Sodium Acetate - Trihydrate Crystal - ACS480500 SDS
Sodium Acetate - Trihydrate Granular USP480000 SDS
Sodium Benzoate Powder NF483000 SDS
Sodium Bicarbonate Powder - ACS484000 SDS
Sodium Bicarbonate USP - Powder484900 SDS
Sodium Borate - Decahydrate ACS488500 SDS
Sodium Bromide Granular Reagent490000 SDS
Sodium Carbonate - Anhydrous Granular (Soda Ash) - ACS491500 SDS
Sodium Carbonate - Anhydrous Powder (Soda Ash) - ACS492000 SDS
Sodium Carbonate - Monohydrate Granular - ACS494000 SDS
Sodium Chlorate Crystal Reagent495500 SDS
Sodium Chloride Crystal - ACS496500 SDS
Sodium Chloride Crystal ACS Plus496700 SDS
Sodium Chloride Crystal Technical497500 SDS
Sodium Chloride Crystal USP498000 SDS
Sodium Citrate - Dihydrate Crystal - ACS500500 SDS
Sodium Citrate - Dihydrate Granular USP/FCC500000 SDS
Sodium Cyanide Granular - ACS501500 SDS
Sodium Fluoride ACS503500 SDS
Sodium Hydrosulfite Crystal Purified506000 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 0.010N956500 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 0.020N956800 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 0.050N957700 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 0.100N958300 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 0.200N959800 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 0.250N960100 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 1.00N961300 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 10% (w/v)962200 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 40% (w/w)965800 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 5.00N966100 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 50% FCC507500 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide - 50% Reagent508000 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide 0.50N Reagent961000 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide 30% (10N)964900 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide 32% (w/w)966600 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide Beads Technical512000 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide Flake Purified511500 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide Pellet - ACS509500 SDS
Sodium Hydroxide Pellet NF/FCC511000 SDS
Sodium Iodide Granular USP516500 SDS
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate NF517500 SDS
Sodium Metal Cubes In Mineral Oil - Purified521000 SDS
Sodium Metal Lumps - ACS520000 SDS
Sodium Nitrate Granular - ACS524000 SDS
Sodium Nitrate Granular Technical525000 SDS
Sodium Nitrite Granular - ACS525500 SDS
Sodium Phosphate - Dibasic Anhydrous - Powder - ACS530000 SDS
Sodium Phosphate - Dibasic Heptahydrate - ACS531000 SDS
Sodium Phosphate - Monobasic Monohydrate - Crystal - ACS532500 SDS
Sodium Phosphate - Tribasic Crystal Technical534000 SDS
Sodium Phosphate - Tribasic Dodecahydrate - Crystal - ACS533000 SDS
Sodium Phosphate Tribasic Anhydrous Technical533900 SDS
Sodium Sulfate - Anhydrous Granular - 10-60 Mesh - ACS539000 SDS
Sodium Sulfate - Anhydrous Granular - ACS539500 SDS
Sodium Sulfide - Nonahydrate Crystal - ACS543500 SDS
Sodium Sulfide Flake Technical544000 SDS
Sodium Sulfite - Anhydrous Fine Granules - ACS544500 SDS
Sodium Tartrate - Dihydrate Crystal - ACS546000 SDS
Sodium Thiocyanate ACS546700 SDS
Sodium Thiosulfate - 0.010N968500 SDS
Sodium Thiosulfate - 0.100N969700 SDS
Sodium Thiosulfate - 1.00N970900 SDS
Sodium Thiosulfate - 5-hydrate Crystal - Photograde548500 SDS
Sodium Thiosulfate - Anhydrous Crystal Photograde547000 SDS
Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate - Crystal - ACS548000 SDS
Stannous Chloride - Dihydrate Crystal - ACS551500 SDS
Starch - Potato Soluble - Powder - ACS552500 SDS
Sulfamic Acid 99.5+%559500 SDS
Sulfamic Acid Reagent560000 SDS
Sulfur Lumps563000 SDS
Sulfur Precipitated - Powder USP563500 SDS
Sulfur Sublimed - Flowers USP564000 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 0.020N975100 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 0.100N975400 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 0.1142N976000 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 0.200N (0.100M)976300 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 0.50N977200 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 1.00N977800 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 2.00 N980500 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 50% (w/w) PC984400 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 50% (w/w) Reagent983800 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 72% (w/w)985900 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 93% PC566500 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - 98+% Etchback567000 SDS
Sulfuric Acid - Babcock SG 1.820 - 1.830 Milk568000 SDS
Sulfuric Acid 10% (w/w) Food Grade986900 SDS
Sulfuric Acid 50% (v/v) Reagent983600 SDS
Sulfuric Acid 66° Be' Technical564500 SDS
Sulfuric Acid ACS567500 SDS
Sulfuric Acid Microprocess570700 SDS
Sulfuric Acid SEMI Grade 1571000 SDS


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Tartaric Acid Crystal NF575000 SDS
Tetrahydrofuran (Stabilized) - ACS578500 SDS
Thiourea Crystal (Thiocarbamide) - ACS583500 SDS
Toluene ACS588500 SDS
Trichloroacetic Acid Crystal - ACS591000 SDS
Triethanolamine - 99%595000 SDS
Triethylene Glycol596500 SDS
Trimethylpentane - (2 -2 -4-) HPLC597200 SDS
Triton X-100®598000 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
Urea Prilled - Crystal - ACS599000 SDS
Urea Prilled - Crystal USP600000 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
Water Purified HPLC993600 SDS


ChemicalCCI Part #Download
Zinc Sulfate Crystal - ACS612500 SDS


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