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Columbus Chemical – Dedicated to Education

June 12, 2017

Chemistry Class Witnesses how CCI delivers solutions to its customers!

In the chemical industry, as most industries, there are certain factors that keep you ahead of the game.    CCI is known for its commitment to training and education of our associates.

CCI also has a strong commitment in supporting education in local Elementary, Middle and High Schools.   As the Chemistry II class at Columbus Senior High School was concluding this year, the whole class was invited to see chemistry in action as they toured CCI’s chemical production facilities.  They learned that chemical products from CCI are used to manufacture pharmaceuticals, in the production of semiconductor chips for mobile phones, to sanitize medical equipment after surgery as well as a host of other applications.   Tour guide Eddy Santiago (CCI’s Quality Assurance Specialist) shared how CCI can produce products from 500ml to batches that fill their 5,000 gal blending systems.   Eddy shared he enjoys working with the students because, “these science and technology students will be the research & development scientists and engineers creating the new innovations and products that we will use in the future”.

Throughout the tour various safety features such as the fire suppression system and the differences in the chemicals used to prevent the spread of a fire were discussed to connect what the students have learned in the classroom about following protocol and safety procedures and apply them to a real life scenario. In CCI’s state-of-the-art main warehouse the students were amazed at the height of the pallet racking and got to see an operator in action on the high lift machinery.

CCI Lead Chemist Martin Mika brought oohs and aahs as students witnessed live demonstrations that captivated the group’s attention while students learned that chemical reactions can be fun as well as productive.  Company President Randy Eppli shared  with the students that CCI has great paying  opportunities particularly for college degrees in STEM and Business programs.   He challenged the students to consider being an intern or plan to interview with CCI once they completed their studies.

Eddy Santiago in thanking the students for taking interest in CCI concluded the tour by saying “We hope we kindled a sense of enthusiasm and pride in chemistry and in what CCI has to offer as a great place to work in this community.”